Saturday, July 6, 2013

Daylilies 2013

Last year I had taken a road trip to buy daylilies from a farm in Medina. Here are a few new faces and some familiar ones

Enaya is 6 Months Old Already

I can't believe I havent been posting Daily on my favorite little human. Here are a couple photos from the 4th of July yesterday.

Now here are just a couple of my favorites from when I get to "babysit". There should be a better word, because I would keep my little GodDaughter full time if her parents and grandparents didn't love her so much. I will somewhat quietly wait my turn. Keep in mind that I never had my own children, so this is the first baby I saw being born, got to hold, first feeding (for me), first time bathing a child ........

Love This Face!!


I was out shopping for my mom the other day at Wegmans, and they had a sale on succulents. The large pots were normally $7.99 and now $1.99, little pots were .99 and the cactus-succulent planter went from $21.99 down to $5.49. Could I resist ??? NO!
Here is what I bought...
I got 5 large pots a couple small and a planter all for less than $20.

Here is what I did... The first was  just a repotted succulent called an "Elephant Bush" the other is the planter I purchased already made up.

I also combined some plants to make this little pot..
These three pots I made up from the mix of plants and they are all together in my back room and I LOVE them. I placed them on top of an antique doilie I acquired last year.

I still had a lot left over so get ready for the rest.
One for the bathroom. This looks better in real life. Of course I already had the shell from some other who knows what. I think my former tenant Gemmae gave it to me
That's it for the inside. Now on to the outdoors
I decided to add to last years faery garden and start a new one in this little wagon (also recently acquired)


I pulled out a totem from last year and filled in a bare spot (that I created yesterday)

I made up a small basket for the last of the remaining succulents. I just thinned out this area yesterday and added the Shepherd's hook.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chandelier Centerpieces

My friend Bernice's daughter is having her sweet sixteen BDay party with Alice in Wonderland theme. Here are the centerpieces I made from old chandeliers, tea cups, and teapots. These will be for the head table which has the teaparty theme.

Project Updates

I have been crazy with making the amigurumi animals and so I took a little detour to make 2 wraps for myself. This one is much prettier in real life, but I am pleased with the way it turned out. Next time though, I would use a larger needle so it is a little bigger and the pattern is more easily visible. Apparently I crochet rather tightly, because even with a needle 2 sizes larger than called for, it came out smaller than the pattern. Here is the link to the RedHeart site where I got the pattern;

This next shawl, I had learned from my mistakes and used a hook about 4 sizes up from what the pattern called for.
I love this one and have wrapped myself in it more than 1 evening already. Here is the link from Caron's website.                                                                                                

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crochet Baby

Along with my other crochet passion, I have made some baby things (beside the blankets). These are the only ones I took photos of so far. With my beautiful new GodDaughter Enaya, I'm sure I will be posting more soon. I have a mobile in the works and a request for some pacifier holders.

My booties definately need more practice
My beautiful Enaya


Amigurumi Madness

 Obsessed may be too weak of a word to use for this new found passion. I have taken a lot of photos, because most of these little guys are off to homes of there own. None of thes animals are my own design and I would be happy to site the authors of any or all of these wonderful little yarn pals.

Snowmen Ready to give out as hostess gifts this year. I gave away 20.

"Little Bigfoot" patterns from Sharon Ojala

Thanksgiving Display

We all went to Africa to be handed out to kids

We have been "commissioned" and ready to go

Paddington Bear deserves a close up. He took me the longest to do.